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1/2" Series 70 valves with end cup in technopolymer

The Series 70 valves having 1/2" pneumatic connections have relatively high dimensions and weights, as they allow a large flow of compressed air and are entirely made of aluminum.
We have improved their design to reduce dimensions and weights as much as possible, keeping unchanged performances, sturdiness and interchangeability with the pre-modified version concerning fixing holes and position of the pneumatic ports. In the new version the body remains in aluminum while the side parts that house the electric or pneumatic control and the end cup with the spring are made of technopolymer, as well as for all the other Series 70 valves (1/8", 1/4", 3/8").

The modification involves both pneumatic and electro-pneumatic valves, except the 5/3.
As you can see below, the only position changing is that of the 1/8” thread for the control of the pneumatic and electro-pneumatic assisted valves.

The weight reduction is between 25% and 40%. For example, the 3/2 ELPN monostable valve code 7030020500 goes from 930 grams to 580 grams.
The reduction in length is between 5% and 10%. For example, the 3/2 ELPN monostable valve code 7030020500 goes from 177 mm to 160 mm.

Metal Work logo, the 2 W coil power and the manual control direction of rotation are now in relief.

The pneumatic diagram and the product code remain on the body.

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