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ISO 9001 Quality Management System

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Quality policy
Top Management defines the Quality Policy implemented by the Metal Work Group as follows:

Product innovation, a business policy oriented to Customer’s actual requirements, the implementation of Total Quality Management, the Kaizen and Lean business organization, all combine to allow Metal Work Group of Companies to become a leader worldwide in the field of pneumatics for industrial use and the automation. 

This Policy applies to all Companies of the Group operating throughout the world, including units which operates meeting specific needs of local markets.
Metal Work Group of Companies is committed to meet customers’ needs and expectations. 

In order to achieve this goal, Management promotes constant market research activities and the maintenance of a product leadership through the continuous improvement of Quality. 
The involvement of personnel in pursuing the Quality objectives through the development of personnel training and awareness-raising programmes at all company levels is a must for the Group. 
Management also provides full support on the following issues: 

Direct commitment by Top Management to promoting quality at all company levels, by encouraging continuous improvement and awareness of the importance of meeting customer requirements. 

Context analysis
Promoting the Customer Concept to all stakeholders who, directly or indirectly, use Metal Work Group of Companies’ products in order to define the requirements and meet end user’s expectations. 

Customer orientation
Focusing on the expectations of all stakeholders, namely customer satisfaction and loyalty towards our company and our products are key indicators of our success. 

Result orientation
Offering a product and service of excellence to ensure long-lasting top business results as a consequence of constant attention to the requirements of the Customer and group companies. 

Consistency in setting goals
Achieving excellent performance by recognising quality as an integral part of the organisation’s business processes. 

Process-oriented management
Ensuring the achievement of the set goals by using organisational tools, such as Total Quality Management and the Lean and Kaizen business models. 

Risk based thinking
Facing new challenges and changes by minimising or, eliminating as far as possible, the risks, by turning them into opportunities in view of achieving increasingly ambitious goals. 

Personnel's growth and participation
It is common belief that quality, success and improvement are the result of the performance of all members of staff, who are called upon to participate proactively and contribute to the continuous growth of their skills and their own autonomy. 

Product certifications
Ensuring the resources required to guarantee product compliance with reference standards for use in particular environments. 

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Top Management


Quality management policy

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Integrated environmental and health and safety management system: ISO14001 - ISO 45001

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